018 And 016 Which Operator In Bangladesh All Robi codes info

Learn which operator code in Bangladesh robi: 018, 016 grameenphone: 013, 017 banglalink: 014, 019 teletalk: 015 citycell: 011

Many people on the Internet search for a common term which Operator code in Bangladesh So, to answer this point correctly we have listed below the SIM codes of all the networks that we have to eliminate confusion. It is not complicated at all. This information is very useful, so you should definitely check it out.

Actually, there are a total of 4 telecom networks that are currently active in Bangladesh. (BTRC) Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has allotted fixed serial codes to all networks. So we can easily differentiate between different networks according to their serial number.

We can call them serial numbers or also network codes that start from 011 and end at 018. But there is a huge difference between the serial number of each Operator. Let's take a look at each network code and know how they are classified.

Which Operator Code is it?

Before starting the list of codes, please know that these SIM codes, or what we also call network codes are provided by BTRC to Telecom companies. No operator has any control over them.

Have you ever received a call from a random number and you don't know which network code it is? If your answer is yes, then we welcome you to oye price, we hope you will find all the information you are looking for on this page.

018 And 016 Which Operator In Bangladesh All Robi codes info

Complete details about robi, Banglalink, Grameenphone, and TeleTalk operators code series are explained here on this page. so, please read further to know all the details.

What is the operator code of Banglalink?

The first network to be introduced in Bangladesh is Banglalink, which is highly favored for its wide coverage, high subscriber base, and reasonable internet packages. This is the reason why the classification of network codes also started from the same operator.

Details for Banglalink Operator SIM Codes:

  • Operator Name: Banglalink
  • Banglalink Operator SIM Codes: 014, 019

What is the operator code of robi?

Robi network gained popularity among people in a very short time. The main reason for the popularity of this network is its cheap internet packages, while it also holds its position in terms of its net speed. The codes of Robi Telecom start from 016. Keep reading for more details.

Details for robi SIM Codes

  • Operator Name: Robi
  • Robi Operator SIM Codes: 016, 018

What is the operator code of Grameenphone?

Grameenphone codes start from 013. Please keep reading for more details.

Details for Grameenphone Operator SIM Codes

  • Operator Name: Grameenphone
  • Grameenphone operator SIM Codes: 013, 017

What is the operator code of TeleTalk?

The Tele talk is known for its strong signals and the company gained a lot of popularity after the success of 4G and LTE after 3G. Its codes start from 015. Please keep reading for more details.

Details for TeleTalk Operator SIM Codes

  • Operator Name: TeleTalk
  • Tele talk operator SIM code: 015

What is the operator code of Citycell?

As observed, Citycell stands out in terms of its all-network call packages, while its codes start with 011. Please see the details to know more.

Details for Citycell Operator SIM Codes

  • Operator Name: Citycell
  • Citycell operator SIM Code: 011