Zong Weekly Karachi Offer LBC Unlimited Mins, 1000 SMS Rs 76

Customers can subscribe for Zong weekly Karachi offer by sending an sms "KHI6" at 522, and enjoy a whole week unlimited Minutes and 1000 sms for Rs 76

Customers can subscribe to the Zong Weekly Karachi Offer by sending SMS "KHI6" at 522, within the offer, users can get unlimited on-net Minutes and also 1000 SMS too for just Rs.76 plus tax with 7 days validity.

Do you know about regional offers? the main difference between Dina Offer Zong and other usual packages is that they are handy at a reasonable cost. These offers also have all the resources that the user needs for the entire week, such as internet, off-net and on-net minutes, and SMS. they're similar to the Jhelum Offer Zong and Kallar Kahar Offer Zong which were introduced earlier. Did you know that?

Overview of Zong Weekly Karachi Offer

Do you live in Karachi City? If your answer is yes and furthermore you need If your answer is yes and you have to make a lot of calls, then this offer is perfect for you. Because this offer is specially designed for residents of Karachi (and there are more cities listed). zong Karachi offer is a budget-friendly solution for those who need to make a lot of calls.

Zong Weekly Karachi Offer oye price

Regional offer Zong has been introduced to meet the needs of people in Karachi (and other listed cities) who need affordable communication options. If you are a Jazz user then check out all types of Jazz internet packages.

Zong Weekly Karachi Offer Details

  • Price: Rs. 76 Plus Tax
  • On-Net Minutes: Unlimited
  • On-Net SMS: 1000


Zong Weekly Karachi Offer LBC is a good choice for those seeking an affordable communication solution. The offer gives unlimited zong to zong minutes for just Rs. 76, which is great value for money.

Or you can check Zong Night Internet Package here we highly recommend this offer to anyone who needs a good balance of call and data usage. This article did not meet your needs? If so, you can check out all types of Zong internet packages in this article, hopefully, you'll find something useful there. and thanks for visiting oye price please leave your feedback in the comments section.


The following frequently asked questions about the Zong Weekly Karachi Offer are listed:

Q. How To Subscribe to Zong Weekly Karachi Offer

A. To subscribe send an SMS "KHI6" to 522

Q. How To Unsubscribe from Zong Weekly Karachi Offer

A. To Unsubscribe Send an SMS "UNSUB" to 522

Q. Are all Zong customers Eligible for the Zong Weekly Karachi Offer?

A. No, the offer is only available to Karachi residents.

Q. Is the offer available for postpaid customers?

A. No, The Zong Weekly Karachi Offer is only available for prepaid customers.

Q. What are the charges for calls to other local networks during subscription and calls to Zong numbers after the bundle expires?

A. As per the customer package plan

Q. Is there any call set-up charge?

A. Call setup of PKR 0.15 will be applicable on every call.

Q. Can a customer make conference calls?

A. No Conference calls are not allowed

Q. Can a customer make collect calls and call forwarding when subscribed to this bundle?

A. Yes

Q. Is it mandatory that receiving party number also subscribes to this offer?

A. No. Only the calling party needs to subscribe to this offer.

Q. Is it also mandatory for receiving party number to be in Karachi province?

A. No. Receiving party numbers can be anywhere in Pakistan.

Q. To avail of this offer after the subscription is it mandatory for the customer to call from the locations defined or call can be made from any location?

A. The customer needs to be within the defined location to avail of this offer.

Q. Will the customer receive an intimation SMS upon expiration of the offer before midnight?

A. Offer will be the auto-recursive provided customer has sufficient balance so the customer will not receive an expiry SMS.

Terms and Conditions

Like other packages, the Zong Weekly Karachi Offer also comes with a few terms and conditions that you need to keep in mind.

The following taxes/charges would be applicable:

  • Bundle Rate for Data is Rs 1+Tax/MB whereas Out of Bundle rates for Offnet, Onnet, and SMS will be charged according to the default package of the customer.
  • Only the residents of these cities will be eligible to subscribe to these offers.
  • An Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% applies to every recharge.
  • FED of 19.5% applies on usage ( where applicable).
  • A sales tax (GST) of 19.5% applies on usage (if applicable).