Apna Shehr Ghotki Offer Zong Code 5GB, SMS and Mins at Rs140

Users can subscribe apna shehr Ghotki offer zong by dialing code *4466#, Details: 5GB, internet, 300/40 Mins, SMS, for Rs. 140 with validity of 7 days

Customers can subscribe apna shehr Ghotki offer zong by dialing the code *4466# from zong number. and then the user can enjoy 5 GB of internet data, 300 on-net and 40 off-net minutes, and also 300 SMS for just Rs 140 (load) with 7 days validity.

Ghotki Offer Zong Code

Zong Ghotki Offer is an offer reserved for Ghotki residents only. This is one of the regional offers we know as Zong Apna Shehr Daharki Offer. As the telecom companies in Pakistan are introducing regional offers for each city, the beauty of these offers is that they are available at affordable prices and provide the user with all the resources they need to spend their entire week. Easily live without any internet and call hassles.


The only reason for the popularity of these offers is that it does not burden the user's pocket. Are you also a resident of Ghotki? Yes? well, you must know about this offer. Or if you belong to any city other than Ghotki then we suggest you check this post, Zong internet packages weekly hope you will find some useful content.

Zong Apna Shahr Ghotki Offer Searched as Ghotki Offer Zong can be activated by dialing this code for Rs.140. This gives the user 5 GB of internet data which can be used anytime without any restrictions. And with this 300 on-network minutes are also included, when we talk about minutes then the thought of off-network minutes definitely comes, yes this offer also includes 40 off-network minutes which can be used on any other Zong account. Can be used to make calls to other networks.

Please see below to view details of offer resources in order. Or if you want to know more Zong internet packages monthly check this article, as it has all the details.

Apna Shehr Ghotki Offer Zong Details

  • Price: Rs.140 (Load)
  • Internet: 5GB
  • On-net mins: 300
  • Off-net: mins 40
  • Subscription code: *4466#
  • SMS: 300
  • Validity: 7 Days

Terms and Conditions

  • Bundle Pricing for Data is Rs 1+Tax/MB, but Out of Bundle Rates for Offnet, Onnet, and SMS will be paid based on the customer's default plan.
  • Only inhabitants of these cities will be able to take advantage of these deals.
  • Every recharge is subject to a 15% Advance Income Tax (AIT).
  • A 19.5% FED is applied on usage ( where applicable).
  • A 19.5% sales tax (GST) is levied on consumption (if applicable).

How to Activate Zong Apna Shehr Ghotki Offer

Zong Apna Shahr Ghotki offer can be activated by dialing the code *4466#. Either can be activated using the option on the regional offers tab in the My Zong app, or can also be requested by visiting your nearest Zong outlet to activate the offer.