Okara Goat where we can buy goat in okara

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Okara Goat how can we bay goats in okara

Want to buy Okara Goat? Yes?. Okara is a city province. Okara goat is well adapted to the hot and dry climate of this region. If we talk about the breed all-season goats are depending on the climate of your region, which is known fothers hardiness and good resistance to diseases.

Among the characteristics that should be considered in a good breed of goat, milk production is kept at the top. The average milk yield of a goat is 1-3 liters per day. Because milk is high in fat and protein, it has a strong flavor.

If the goat is to be reared for the purpose of meat production, then of course we should keep in mind the amount of increase in the breed of goat and how much time that breed takes in breeding.
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Okara Goat Farm Owners list

If you are interested in buying goats then you can avail of the following details below, we have shared the names of the farms in Okara that are experts in this business, you can contact them for better guidance. . We will never advise you to undertake any work without advice. You should consult those who have previous experience in this work.

  • H&Z Goat Farm (Lodging in chak 47/2 L)
  • Awais iqbal dairy farm (V9Q9+22X, 23 A /GD, Okara, Punjab)
  • Buffalo and goat farm (7 /1RA Ameen wala, OKARA)
  • Military farm (RC36+48H)
  • Butt goat farm (Chak 6A/4L, Okara, 56300)

H&Z Goat Farm Details


Awais Iqbal Dairy Farm Details